Photos and specs of the Panasonic G7 leaked

panasonic G7

The yet to announce Panasonic G7 mirrorless camera is the star of the photography theme web these days with a massive leak of the G7 photo sand technical specs. These leaked images let us discover what the next generation of advanced mirrrorless Lumix G series will look like ahead of the official unnouncement which should take place pretty soon, probably on Monday. Here are the Panasonic G7 images and specs as published by the Japanese photography site digicame-info.

Panasonic G7 : new look

As you see on these images of the G7, Panasonic is now turning away from the round shapes and edges of the G6 that prevailed since the G1 was unveiled. Remember, the Panasonic G1 was the very first mirroless Micro Four Third camera ever. Announced as a revolution, which took time to really change our photography / camera habits. So here is what the Panasonic G7 should look like. I love this new design orientation. So do you ?
As you can see from the shot of the Panasonic G7 from above, the camera now gets a drive ring to set the kind of motorization you want to use. Great news and the sign that the Lumix G series is going more advanced.
panasonic G7 drive mode
The G7 will get a drive ring to choose quickly between burst mode, timer, and so on…

Panasonic G7 screen
The Panasonic G7 should get a well defined swivel screen and a 2.36 EVF.

Panasonic G7 : leaked specs

Along with leaked images of the Panasonic G7, we get a preview of the expected specs of this definitely interesting mirrorless camera aimed towards advanced photographers :

  • 2.36 megapixels EVF
  • Swivel rear screen of 1,040,000 pixels
  • 4K video recording at 24/30p
  • DSD contrast AF
  • 360° swipe panorama mode
  • Max. shutter speed : 1/16000s

So yes, among the specs, what everybody will remember will certainly be the 4K video recording that is inherited by the Panasonic G7 from the GH4.

Stay tuned for more when Panasonic unveil the G7.


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