Leica M Summilux 28mm F/1.4 : optics excellence

Leica M Summilux 28mm F1.4 lens

 Summilux Leica-M 1: 1.4 / 28mm ASPH. : you have most of the new Leica lens in its name.

It is a Summilux, so we may expect a very upscale lens, made of manufacturing excellence and get the very optics.

It’s lens for Leica M rangefinder cameras including the M Monochrom that just has been refreshed with the type 260. This Summilux gets the M mount.

This is a 28mm wide-angle lens, ideal for photojournalism, street photography, landscape, architecture and travel photography.

With a maximum aperture of f /1.4, the Summilux-M 1: 1.4 / 28mm ASPH. is a very fast lens given its its focal length. It is rare to find such apertures on the wide-angle lens offer it should give high-end results used with Leica’s beautiful  Leica M 35mm cameras, either to get a nice blurred background with a bokeh expected as ultra aesthetics, or to be used in natiral light in low-light conditions

Leica M Summilux 28mm F1.4 lens: Leica M optical standard to the extreme

Leica opticians designed this Summilux-M 1: 1.4 / 28mm ASPH.
to gift it with an optimal image quality on close subjects for proxyphotography with a very elaborate optical design that uses a floating group. Leica explain the interest of such a design this way: “A floating element guarantees
quality  reproduction for close-ups :the lenses behind the diaphragm form a floating group that changes its position relative to the group placed in front of the focal plane. ”
Leica promises crystal clear picture quality for this Summilux 28mm with Leica’s famous and unique optical signature.

The optical build of the LEICA SUMMILUX-M 1: 1.4 / 28mm lens ASPH.is made of 10 lenses, including an aspherical surface one to achieve a rather compact lens design (it weighs 440 grams), and 7 lenses are made of partial dispersionglass to correct chromatic aberration. That should lead to sky high contrast and and image quality that we hope will be as stratospheric as its price…

It is a Leica and Leica lens is priceless … well, yes, but the German brand  gets higher and higher in the photographic luxuryspheres with a sale price of $5550 for this SUMMILUX-M 1 1.4 / 28 mm ASPH,an indecent price for this Germany born and build, hand-made, in Leica’s Wetzlar factory. At this price, the SUMMILUX 28mm.

The LEICA SUMMILUX-M 1: 1.4 / 28mm ASPH. comes with a lens hood (hurray !) and is initially released in May 2015in a black anodized finish.

LEICA SUMMILUX-M 1:1,4/28 mm ASPH. technical specifications

  • Angle of view : (diagonal, horizontal, vertical) :  75°, 65°, 46° for Full Frame Leica M (Leica M9 and Leica M Monochrom, as well as all analog Leica M of course). With the Leica M8 : 60°, 51°, 35°
  • Optical build :
  • Nb of lenses / groups : 10/7
  • Minimum focusing distance : 0,7 m
  • Focusing distance scale : engraved on the lens both in meters and feet
  • Max. magnification ratio : 1:21,9
  • Aperture range : f/1.4-16
  • Mount : Leica M
  • Filter mount : E49
  • Length :  81/67 mm (with/without lens hood)
  • Diameter : 61 mm
  • Weight : env. 440 g (with lens hood)

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