Sony DSC-QX10 and QX100 : DxO to also launch their smartphone camera dock


Unless you leaved the planet for a while, you have gear / read about Sony’s extremely smart move and seen the first leaked images of their camera-lens-smartphone-dock QX10 (with 1″ sensor like the RX100 if you please) and QX100. We are all impressed by Sony’s ability to innovate and to mix their technological know-how with their photography intelligence, camera engineering and smartphone lineup promising a very appealing solution for iphonography maniacs who’d want a better image quality, yet, embedded on their idevice or smartphone. Here, there are little doubts Sony will have it for their Xperia Android smartphone models.

But… this could be a new trend with other tech and imaging companies diving into this market.

Why dare I write that ? Well, actually, I know a smart company, smaller than Sony, which is also working on such a camera socket / sensor-lens dock for smartphones : dxO Labs, the editor of DxO Optics Pro 8 and FilmPack 4. They are located in France and the US. They have posted a job offer on their French version website for an “operations manager”  who will be in charge of a new range of products, aimed towards a large audience, which will enhance the capacity of smartphones creating a revolutionary pocket-size camera.

This definition really matches Sony’s QX10 and QX100 concept, doesn’t it ?

In addition to the hardware of this new smartphone camera dock, I would expect a major photography software embedded with both image quality improvements and creative controls and post processing like DxO FilmPack… but probably  more…

Here is the link to the job offer.


The job offer Google translated :


DxO Labs is launching a new range of products aimed at the general public, optimizing the capabilities of a smartphone to create a revolutionary pocket camera.
Thus, in our R & D, we are looking for a Operations Manager who will be responsible for the different phases of industrialization of the product, design and prototypes up to production and logistics management to consumers :
You will ensure the reliability and feasibility of the product at all stages of development.
You guarantee the manufacturability of the product.
You manage the monitoring of its development (mechanical, electronic, optical).
You identify and manage the relationship with the MDGs (China & Taiwan).
You work closely with the purchasing department.

Technical (engineering school or other)
Experience imperative outsourcing in Asia, preferably in China.
You are precise and pragmatic.
You have excellent communication skills in French and English. Chinese is a definite plus.
You have very good interpersonal and intercultural skills.

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