Sony RX1 R : OLPF free sensor


You know the Sony RX1, this luxury digital compact camera with a full-frame 24-megapixel sensor and a beautiful prime 35mm F2 lens. Sony today announced an optical low-pass filter-free RX1, the “RX1 R”, which skips the optical low-pass filter to improve the resolution to fetch even smaller details.

The logic of the Sony RX1, I like it ! For the same selling price, the Full Frame Cyber​​-shot DSC-RX1 range is now composed of the original RX1 and now the RX1 R, the latter being without optical low-pass filter. The function of this optical filter is to generate a slight blur that limits the appearance of artifacts and moiré. The sharpness of the 24-megapixel sensor on the original RX1 is already extremely high, well served by a top-notch prime fast lens. (you can read my Sony RX1 review) But some photographers may want even more! They may therefore go for the “RX1R” without the optical low-pass filter, with the obligation to ensure proper correction of moiré in your photo workflow software like Lightroom, Aperture, capture One, etc.. Sony revised the sensor’s signal processing considering this change for the RX1 R, but you will benefot of if you shoot in JPEG, not RAW, and there are very few chances that you will buy a Sony RX1R and shoot JPEG…

The Sony RX1R will be available in July at a price of €3100. It will also come in a bundle with the beautiful, but expensive, optical viewfinder and a lens hood, at a price yet to be confirmed by Sony.

Today, Sony also announced an upgraded version of the RX100, the RX100 II.


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