Ultimate Nikon D3S torture test video

Nikon D4, new pro DSLR
16 egapixels HDSLR Nikon D4

If you respect your camera, your lenses, your flash, your photo gear in general, please, take a minute and think before watching this insanely cruel video of a torture test conducted by the French guy on his own Nikon D3S.

In this crazy ultimate torture test on a Nikon D3S, you will see how tough this camera can be. Yes, we all know it is made of solid magnesium-alloy, weather sealed and so on but you certainly could not imagine it can endure what this guy from the “Pixelists” has planned for the DSLR. Taking photos under the shower, dumping the camera in the mud, on a rough floor, having the D3S falling from the car’s rooftop,

Imaging… the guy is having the D3S dived into water then frozen ! You have to see the moment when he takes away some ice from the battery compartment… The battery has been frozen as well… but guess what, the D3S is working, yes, still working.

A NIkon D3S on fire… yes, he did it as well. And it is still working….

Conclusion : when a camera brand like Nikon says that they pro DSLRs are life proof… they don’t just advertise it, they mean it and there cameras really are.

Well, this insane video is in French but you will get the overall idea. You will just miss the funny parts where the guy advises us to format the card after the shower…


Here is the ultimate Nikon D3S torture test video :


Who wants to try with its new Nikon D4 ?….

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