The Incredible 24-1200mm zoom lens of the Sony HX300 (video)

sony hx300V
Sony HX300V camera

I have taken a Sony HX300 to the Caribbean for a week of intensive camera and lens testing (Nikon D7100, Sigma 35mm F1.4 ART, Casio ZR1000, Nikon 70-200mm F4, Panasonic FZ200 and Sony HX300). I have no word to describe the huge range of the lens of the HX300 which is a bridge camera that shines through its 50x lens. So, here is a video to complete my photos of Guadeloupe’s Island from 24mm to 1200mm.

This is not video is worth watching if you wonder what it can be like to zoom from 24mm all the way to 1200mm with the same camera. Having said that, I am not so sure such an extreme lens is very useful and I don’t see so many advantages to it. On the other side, a f/2.8 lens at all focal lengths like on the Panasonic FZ200 is really neat and probably more helpful for photographic purposes that 1200mm…

sony hx300 review
Yes, the tiny little yellow frame shows what you would crop when using the HX300 at 1200mm compared to 24mm which is the focal length I took this image at. I shot this image in Sainte Anne, Guadeloupe, French Western Indies, from the deck of the La Toubana hotel, well located as you have a great sea view, you can see the small Island of Marie-Galante and also the volcano La Souffrière.
sony cyber-shot dsc-hx300
On the 24mm image, you can barely spot this ship which actually was there… The main con of a 1200mm lens… it is very senstive to smear and you will certainly not get a lot of sharp and clear photos with the HX300 at 1200mm (and I am not talking about the blir / image stabilization issue at this point)
sony hx 300 camera review
The oroginal image at 24mm with the HX300. Clicking on each image will let you display a 1000px large image.


But how good is the Sony HX300 at 1200mm ? Well, optically speaking, the image is soft and suffers from atmospheric haze wich is very intense at such length : the 1200mm image shows a boat that was located at the entry path for the Port of Pointe à Pitre. I shot the image from Sainte-Anne. That is 12miles away !

But the camera also seems to have a hard time focusing in video at telephoto as I show you in this short video of a flying pelican that the AF of the GX300 could not lock focus on. Yet, the scene was not very bright and had low contrast but it failed. On the other side, this video of the Sony HX300 review shows how impressively efficient the camera shake system is as I recorded the surfer’s video handheld, panned handheld and the image is okay to watch (YouTube proposed to stabilize the video. I dod not allow it to show the video as recorded by the HX300).

And now, 27 seconds of shining sun and deep blue see in St François lagoon, Guadeloupe, FWI. Free of charge, recorded with the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300.


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