Please listen to Sebastiao Salgado, black and white social photography master


Sebastião Salgado is one of my top 5 favorite photographers. He is quite famous all around the world but is really a huge iconic photographer in France where he studied economics and got a pHD (Doctorat). In this deep thought video from TED talks where Salgado is on stage, you will have a unique opportunity to listen to a master in capturing social trends, misery, work issues, developpoing countried problems and how he has a stunning eye to get a lot out of a scene with his black and white styled photography. In the video, you can admire a lot of the photos he took. He talks about this years long project he has been working on.

Salgado is a big fan of Leica cameras.

Here is Sebastião Salgado on stage at TED video :


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