360° video with Kolor Autopano Video


My friends at Kolor, a French small software editor based in the Alpes and responsible of the greatest stitching panoramic images software (Autopano) and virtual tours editor (Panotour) launches a video version of its software in order to create a a real 360° video in which you can browse : the beta1 of Autonpano Video. It can create panoramic videos of 360 x 180 degres covering the entire sphere within which the viewer can virtually walk and turn around from various POV with his mouse and his finger on Kolor Eyes, the 360° video player for iPad.

In this video you will discover the workflow of Autopano Video. You’ll see how easy it seems, with this software, to create 360​​° videos from import to rendering. The example shows the creation of a 360° movie stitching 6 video flows from 6 GoPro cameras.

The multicam synchronization is simple, based on the audio tracks of the cameras as on Final Cut Pro X for example.


kolor autopano video
Kolor Autopano Video user interface.


We can generate a 360 x 180 panorama in Autopano in which you can straighten the horizon and vertical elements as you would do for still images panoramas.

By default, the 360 video is rendered in 4K, but it is of course possible to have it done in Fll HD. You get the choice of the fps when exporting the video and you can get it as a simple MP4 file.

For workflow efficiency, you may appreciate that the rendering calculation is done in the background to allow the possibility to work on another project while the computer and Autpano Video calculate the 360 final movie, which must be an extremely demanding task for your CPU.

Here is the video demonstration of the Autopano video workflow :

You can try this free version of Autopano Video beta1, a fully operating version of the software, without any kind of limitation. It will work until June 30th, 2013.

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