1 Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 : fast portrait lens for Nikon 1 cameras


Nikon is getting its Nikon 1 lens range a  bit more interesting today with the launch of the 1 Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 lens, a high-end fast portrait lens which will certainly help photographers considering the Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras a bit more seriously.

Here is the first high-end prime lens available in Nikon CX mount for Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras. The 1 Nikkor 32mm F/1.2, once mounted on a Nikon 1, S1 or V2, will give a 85mm equivalent, with a max. aperture of f/1.2. Interesting! This focal length tailored for portrait photography, benefits of an extremely generous aperture to easily generate a nice and smooth bokeh (with the help of the 7 circular aperture blades). But not only because such a wide aperture will let photographers often skip the use of a flash in natural light, even under low-light conditions.

As this new lens seems to mean with its serious look, it assumes high flying ambitions worked with an optical formula of 9 lenses divided into 7 groups. The lens receives the nanocristal surface treatment, this is a first on a Nikon 1 lens. This is also the first lens in the range to be equipped with a true manual focus ring. As the lenses for Nikon digital SLR, the 1 Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 gets aSWM motorization. This system is a guarantee of silent and fast  focus, for stills at least, because it is not what I’d call a panacea in video.

1 Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 lens
The 1 Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 in silver finish mounted on a Nikon 1 J3.


 1 Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 prices and availability

The 1 Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 will be available in two colors: high-gloss silver and semi-gloss black. The outer coating of the lens is also made of metal. It will come with a bayonet lens hood (HB-N107) but the soft pouch usually supplied with Nikkor lenses for DSLRs will be available as an optional item this time. The 1 Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 hit the shops as of June 13, 2013 at a recommended retail price of €849.


nikon 1 32mm f/1.2 lens
The 1 Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 is a promising lens, a nice fast portrait lens, but also a pretty expensive lens considering it will be used on small sensor cameras like the mirrorless Nikon1. It will certainly not sell much but will contribute to the Nikon 1 prestige.


Main technical characteristics of the 1 Nikkor 32 mm F/1.2:


  • Focal Length: 32mm (or 85mm on a Nikon 1)
  • Maximum aperture: f/1.2
  • Minimum aperture: f/16
  • Optical formula: 9 elements in 7 groups
  • SWM autofocus motorization
  • Manual focusing ring
  • Nanocrystal lens surface treatment
  • 7-blade circular diaphragm
  • Minimum Focusing Distance: 45cm
  • Maximum magnification ratio: 0.22 x
  • Filters diameter: 52mm
  • Length of the lens: 47mm
  • Lens diameter: 65.5 mm
  • Weight: 235 grams
  • Retail price: 849 euros

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