Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF6 sample image gallery

panasonic gf6
panasonic gf6

Here is a sample image gallery of images taken with the Panasonic GF6. Today, I had the opportunity to actually test the Panasonic GF6 mirrorless camera here in Vienna, Austria, where Panasonic has organized its huge European convention. You can refer to the article I wrote yesterday about the Panasonic GF6 to get more information about this litttle camera which makes a pretty convincing synthethis between the too amateur grade UI of the GF5 and the advanced GX1 (which should get a success in the next few months as I have been told by a Japanese staff member Panasonic earlier today.

Interested in mirrorless cameras ?

I had a lot of fun shooting with the GF6 today in Vienna and the few changes made by Panasonic on the user interface of the G5 really adds what I would expect from a camera to shoot with when I travel light. It’s fast. It’s easy to use thanks to its touchscreen which is also pretty sharp and bright. It offers a wide range of scene modes and artistic filters etc. Unfortunately, I could not get a sample camera with the new G X 14-42mm lens and had to use its with the former lens with which the GF6 will also be sold (around $/€ 150 less than with the X lens).

Anyway,  I will prepare a hands on preview with my opinion on this camera tomorrow or the day after and to make you wait, here is a small gallery of images taken with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF6 today. These photos are JPEGs, unedited, directly issued from the camera. If you click on the links you will goes my Flickr page where you can do a little session of pixel peeping. To be honest,  I have to inform you that, according to Panasonic, the firmware of the GF6 I used was not in a final version. So remember that these photos may not reflect the actual image quality you can expect from the GF6. Anyway I have posted many images with artistic filters applied.

Panasonic GF6 image gallery.
Panasonic GF6 image gallery.
Panasonic GF6 miniature effect
Tilt and shift like “miniature” effect on the GF6
gf6 gallery
Panasonic GF6 image gallery. Black and white.
Panasonic gf6
Panasonic GF6 image gallery. This scene mode adds stars to the lights.
Panasonic GF6 image gallery.
Panasonic GF6 image gallery.
Panasonic GF6 image gallery.
The Panasonic GF6 sunshine effect.
Panasonic GF6 image gallery.
The GF6’s AF is very fast and thanks to its velocity, I could get this shot.
Panasonic GF6
The GF6 used with a soft focus filter on. I am a big fan of these soft focus filters.

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