Panasonic G6 : refined G5 with Wi-FI and NFC


Panasonic updated today its advanced mirrorless camera in MFT mount, the Lumix DMC-GF6 replaces the DMC-G5. It brings some changes starting with a more powerful processor of the lastes generation that will be responsible for improving the noise reduction of the 16-megapixel Live MOS sensor. The autofocus has been boosted to be more efficient in low light via the addition of a dedicated mode. The viewfinder becomes OLED and connectivity extends with Wi-Fi & NFC.

The new Venus Engine processor is one of the main new features of this new generation of MFT camera aimed towards advanced photographers. Being limited by the size of the sensor, Panasonic has to focus on the image processing in order to stay as close as possible to the image quality offered by digital SLRs generally gifted with more generous in size sensor, APS-C or Full Frame. This new processor enables Panasonic to increase the usable sensibility range of the sensor from ISO 160 to ISO 25 600. This is 1EV better than the G5.

panasonic g6
The G6 could benefiot from th enew Lumix G Vario 14-140mm ultrasmall power zoom lens.

This increased sensitivity to ISO 25600 will allow photographers equipped with the Panasonic G6 to easier shoot in low light conditions. Also, to accompany this rise in ISO, Panasonic has equipped the G6 with a new autofocus function dedicated to low-light photography. A new setting called “low light” mode, in addition to classic AF modes such as face detection, subject tracking, etc.. is now available.

The new processor also allows the G6 to achieve higher fps : now up to 7 fps. The is one frame per second higher compared to the G5.

The video mode also changes on the Panasonic G6, with finally a 24p frame rate for recording movies with a cinema-like touch ! For lovers of high-speed video, the live Mos sensor combined with the new Venus Engine enables the Panasonic G6 to record Full HD 1080/50p movies. The camera is equipped with a stereo mic and videos can be recorded in either AVCHD or MP4. The performance of Panasonic Lumix G mirrorless cameras in video is one of the strong points of the range that has been widely adopted by videographers. I must say that the contrast detection autofocus, fast and efficient, is great when a video is recorded with this type of camera compared to the poor autofocus of todays HDSLR, specially Nikons… since Canon came with the FTM motorization.

panasonic g6
The EVF is an OLED panel which is really good news. The touch-screen can also swivel. I had the opportunity to spend one hour with the G6 in Vienna, Austria, and I have to tell you that the UI is among the best you can find.


Like many cameras unveiled in 2013, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G6 is now equipped with WiFi which allows us to offer new uses for the camera, to let th ecamera talk to our smartphone or tablet, this, generally for the purpose of sharing “on the go”. On the G6, as on the GF6, Wi-Fi is complemented by an NFC chip that facilitates the setting of a new Wi-Fi connexion : just have to have both devices touching each others. And you’re done.

The G5 has had a career of only 9 months long…. since it was announced in July 2012 and it is already replaced (or upgraded depending on how you look at it) with the announcement of the G6.


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