Aptina new 1" sensor will bring 4K 60 fps video recording to our cameras


The manufacturer of digital sensors Aptina announced the development of a new CMOS 1″ sensor capable of recording video in 4K, and the smooth rate of 60 fps, if you please… But is not it!

The new Aptina 1″ 4K sensor will offer video recording in two high definition formats:

  • Quad HD format of 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • Cinema 4K size of 4096 x 2160 pixels

If you follow the photography hardware news, you have connected the dots between the size of the sensor (1″) and Nikon’s CX mount adopted nikon on its Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras range. (Nikon J3 and S1 and see the Nikon V2). One can therefore easilly imagine a new Nikon 1 focused on video, able to record video in 4K – 60 fps … You will also notice that this sensor size is also the one intelligently adopted by Sony for its very small advanced compact camera, the Cyber​​-shot DSC-RX100. By far, my favorite.

This Aptina sensor, which responds to the sweet code name “AR1411HS” is also able to shoot full resolution, 14-megapixel, stills in an impressive 80 fps burst rate. This means that the sensor discharges 1.1 Gigapixels every single second. The processors will have much to do to keep up with this fast and furious image sensor Aptina has engineered !

Slow motion enthusiats will adore this sensor as well since it can record Full HD movies at 120 fps.

Aptina states that the sensor has already entered mass production. So we should see some new cameras with impressive video and high-speed photography skills coming out very soon.

Nikon V2
The successor to the Nikon 1 V2, could benefit from really surprising features if it would be gifted with this new Aptina sensor. The Nikon 1 V3 with 4K features would be a deal closer, but Nikon may reserve this sensor to a new line of video line…


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