Socialmatic Instagram camera will come true in 2014 Q1


Since its introduction by the ADR studio a few months ago, some barely can wait to get their hands on this camera of a new kind, the Instagram / Polaroid SocialMatic camera. This camera which would incorporate the application icon photo sharing service Instagram is a camera with communications capabilities that would allow to immediately share the images you have taken with your contacts on social networks like Instagram, Facebook and socialmatic network. It would also print on the go photos that you have taken like a Polaroid camera. Today Socialmatic LLC comes up with some information and a more refined prototype of this “Instagram camera”. It should get 16 GB of flash memory built-in space, a 4:3 image ratio touch screen, an LED flash and a true optical zoom that would radically differentiate the socialmatic camera from a regular smartphone, even gifted in photo as the HTC One. Communication side, it is equipped with Wifi and Bluetooth. It would contain an instant photo printing system and would tag images with a QR code that would enable other users to subscribe to your socialmatic photo stream. This camera would emerge under Polaroid colors as an agreement between socialmatic and Polaroid brand owners has been signed.

The good thing is that Socialmatic now comes with a date for the camera to be available : first quarter of 2014.

Here is a video of what the Socialmatic / Instagram camera could do and look like :

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