Photosynth now available for Windows Phone 8 smartphones


Microsoft has finally finalized its adaptation of its mobile panorama app Photosynth for Windows Phone 8. It took Redmond programmers 4 months to get Photosynth ready for WP8…

I tested Photosynth when it was released in Spring 2011. Photosytnth was a mobile application available for the iPhone only under iOS back then and it can capture a panoramic photo of 360° by 180°, ie the complete sphere. This is especially the way Photosynth will assist you in triggering each photo for you when you move your smartphone that impressed me. Of course, the Photosynth deals process the assembly of different photos. The quality of the way Photosynth was stitching the pano was quite questionable… It does it all itself and deliver you a full spherical panorama in which you can navigate with the touch-screen on your smartphone or on where you can also share your panoramic images with your contacts or everybody.
Photosynth is now available for Windows Phone 8 smartphones like the Nokia Lumia 920, 720, 620 and 520, and is also compatible with the previous version, Windows Phone 7.5. It now comes with some thoughtful features like the ability to lock the exposure on a specific point of the photo to prevent it varies too much when the panorama covered has too high a contrast. Now, Photosynth can be access directly from the camera of your Windows Phone 8 smartphone’s menu.

Photosynth for Windows Phone 8 is available here.

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