Metz Mecabounce : cobra flash diffusers

Metz flash diffuser.
Metz flash diffuser.

For portrait photography Cobra SLR flashes deliver a way too harsh light for our subjects. There are various accessories on the market to soften the light emitted by our flashes like portable light boxes, rather bulky and expensive, often difficult to put on the camera / flash. An other commonly used solution is these small diffusers that attach quickly on the flash head, which are pretty cheap, more compact and easy to install than light boxes. This is what today is launching Metz with the new Mecabounce flash diffuser. It is available both for Metz flashes as well as Canon Speedlite flashes.

We already know the system as it exists among different manufacturers of photo accessories, but today it is Metz which launches its own flash diffusers range. The Metz Mecabounce range includes :

  • Mecabounce MBM-01 (for Metz 58 AF-2, -1, 50 AF-1 and 48 AF-1)
  • Mecabounce MBM-02 (for flash Metz 52 AF-1 and AF-44 1)
  • Mecabounce MBC-10 (for Canon Speedlight 580 EX II and 580 EX)
  • Mecabounce MBC-11 (for Canon Speedlight 430 EX II and 430 EX)

The Metz MBM-01 and MBM-02 for Metz flashes have a particularity with two pins inserted into the diffuser, with the integrated wide-angle diffuser oriented backwards. The zoom position is optimized for illumination with a wide-angle focal length of 16 mm.

The Metz Mecabounce are available this month for only $20/ €20.

Metz proudly highlights the advanced technology of their cobra flashes lineup and the fact that they are Made in Germany which can weigh in the decision to purchase their brand … recently, Metz has released the first touchscreen cobra flash, the Metz Mecablizt 52 AF-1 and its own range of LED continuous light ramps, the Metz Mecalight.

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