Luxi : turn your iPhone into an incident light meter


Luxi is a small accessory that attaches to the iPhone and is made of a simple yet very smart translucent diffusion dome that turns your iPhone into an incident light meter to adjust your camera’s exposure settings.

The iPhone is definitely an insanely motivating incubator for accessories of all kinds. Take Luxi eg, it can transform your iPhone into hand cell to measure the incident light of your subject in photography. That is smart! This compact accessory called Luxi is very small and can stay with you in your camera bag all the time ready to be fixed on your iPhone when you need to determine the exposure carefully. Note that there is also an iOS application that allows the iPhone to measure incident light, but the hardware of the iPhone does not allow it alone to determine the exposure you need to adopt very precisely and is blurred by emitting lights. With the diffusion dome of the Luxi, the iPhone is a little closer to a dedicated light meter that measures the light with an angle of incidence of 180°. This small accessory should come out soon. The project was funded by the  “crowdfunding” Kickstarter system. When it is available, the Luxi should be sold $ 24.95 and you can get it for 19 bucks if you decide to invest a few coins in the project. The Luxi should be offered in two versions: a version for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and an iPhone version 5.

The Luxi will be produced. Its Kickstarter project has exceeded the initial needs of 10,000 dollars to launch and has now gathered almost 100K$ !

Here’s a demo video of Luxi for iPhone :

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