A Nikon image sensor in the next Google smartphone Nexus 5


Google up big on the photo quality of its next smartphone. While speculations is rife about the next Google smartphone, the Nexus 5, I spotted today on PhoneArena that its image sensor could be a sensor under Nikon brand …

Phonearena.com undermines recent speculations that the Google Nexus 5 would come out with a new screen that would be both OLED and Full HD. A priori, it will not be the case because of the technical challenges that represents the design of a screen that combines 1080p resolution and OLED technology. Apparently, Samsung has encountered enormous difficulties in the development of the Galaxy S4 screen. In fact, if PhoneArena today belies the expected characteristics of the Nexus 5, it provides clarification as to the origin of the smartphone’s image sensor it should embark. This image sensor would be a Nikon sensor. The site’s source says that this sensor will have a “triple something technology” without really explaining what this means. I could imagine a technology near a tri-CCD or like the Foveon X3? We also learn that the camera module of the Nexus 5 is currently being tested and appears to outperform competition, according to Google insiders… All smartphone manufacturers are betting big on their new phone’s cameras as this, along with 4G/LT3 compatibility, will be THE most important feature of 2013-2014 smartphones among consumers choices. That is why we saw the ultrapixel technology on the HTC One or the new Exmor RS mobile 13MP BSI CMOS sensor on Sony Xperia Z that I received yesterday for its review.

Will the Nexus 5 image quality be a real deal closer ?

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