Fotodiox adapter RhinoCam : turns your Sony NEX camera into a medium format 645 digital back

fotodiox rhinocam adapter
The SOny NEX-7 turned into a multiple exposure medium format digital back with Fotodiox Rhinocam adapter. YOu still have to use a 645 lens.

Fotodiox launches a new Sony E mount adapter intended for Sony NEX mirrorless cameras. The RhinoCam allows you to photograph a landscape in high definition: up to 140 megapixels. How is it? It moves your camera and take multiple exposures to end up with a medium format like digital back image for a fraction of the price of a medium format camera or back.

Somewhat as do the motorized panoramic heads that are used to capture gigapixel panoramic images, this adapter for Sony NEX camera, the Fotodiox RhinoCam moves the camera according to parameters that you can set to take multiple images of the same landscape and lead to a photo in high resolution, up to 140 megapixels (here with the Sony NEX-7). For each view, once the camera is in place, the screen of the adapter displays the composition to check the exposure before taking the picture and then moves on to the next. It is your responsibility to stitch all taken photos together in Photoshop or in a panorama software to create panoramas (as Kolor Autopano by far my favorite. Incidentally, Kolor launched the Panobook 2013 operation. This photo book will gather the best panoramic photos 2013. If you are a photographer doing panoramic images, it is up to you to send your photos and try to be published in the 2013 Panobook.)

This Fotodiox RhinoCam adapter is sold $500 in the US. But pay attention to the final cost of the solution as must be added a steady tripod and as you can see on the display, the 24-megapixel Sony NEX-7 used in the demonstration to achieve a 140 megapixel photo is fed through a medium format lens…

The purpose of this adapter is indeed to bring you the huge resolution of a medium format 645 camera even though you are using a simple mirrorless camera.

fotodiox rhinocam adapter
The Sony NEX-7 turned into a multiple exposure medium format digital back with Fotodiox Rhinocam adapter. You still have to use a 645 lens.

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