Sony NEX-3N photo shows a power zoom lever


Another stolen leaked on the net. Looks like the manufacturers have trouble keeping their secrets safe… This time, it’s the next  Sony mirrorless camera that the rumor site sony alpharumors published a photo of. They also say that this new camera is expected to hit the market within the next two months, concomitantly with the PlayStation 4 that is expected to be announced on February 20th . Also according to the sonyalpharumors, the NEX-3N will get the same APS-C sensor of 16 megapixels of its predecessors and a very compact body. But, this image shows a big difference : the NEX-3N seem equipped with a power zoom button. Indeed, around the shutter button, you can see the zoom lever that will certainly drive the new motorized lens in Sony E-mount, the new 16-50 mm PZ (PZ = Power Zoom) and the 18-200mm PZ announced last month even if it is positioned on a semi-pro market with a price tag of $1000 and is more dedicated to be used with the video camera NEX-VG30. The interest for Sony to released a mirrorless camera with a motorized zoom control would be dual. The first is certainly that this could seduce a fringe of amateur photographers accustomed to zoom in / out with this type of lever on their compact cameras. This strategic move may cringe some photographers who are particularly fond of manual zooming (like me…). But a power zoom can be quite meaningful when shooting a video in order to smoothen the movement of the lens.


Sony NEX-3N stollen image shows a power zoom button.
Sony NEX-3N stollen image shows a power zoom button.

Sony NEX-3N or not Sony NEX-3N … wait and see …

Moreover, according to, we could also see a new DSLR with EVF released pretty soon, the SLT-A58 with a new  20-21 megapixel sensor.

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