Photoshop Touch now available for iPhone and Android smartphones


Photoshop Touch, the incredibly powerful tablet photo editing application originally developed for the Apple iPad and Android tablets is now available for Apple iPhone and Android smartphones. Photoshop Touch for smartphones is available for iOS on the Apple App Store and Android on Google Play at a price of $4.99 / € 4.49.

Adobe adapted its photo editing application Photoshop Touch for tablets to our smartphones duplicating almost all the features accessible from a user interface adapted to the smaller screens sizes of smartphones. The core idea of ​​this mobile application advertized by Adobe would be : “I remain creative and I the powerful tools of Photoshop Touch, even if I do not have my tablet with me.”

Like Photoshop Touch for tablets, Photoshop Touch for smartphones offers the opportunity to work on different Photoshop layers which sound really great and incredible, to use advanced selection tools, to edit various parameters of your photos and to apply filters and artistic effects . We thus find the smart selection tool which allows to make a selection around a complex subject by drawing its outlines with your finger. The creative filters and effects are exactly the same as the tablet versin of Photoshop Touch.

Photoshop Touch for smartphone interfaces with Adobe Creative Cloud and allows you to start a project on your iphone, to then continue to edit the image or photomontage on your tablet before finalizing on your computer with Photoshop C6. Photoshop Touch can maintain a synchronized updated version of the project / photo on all interconnected devices while keeping the original resolution (and this is important, because many mobile photo applications lower the definition of your photos) and conserving all layers. This cloud synchronization feature is available for users who have an Adobe Creative Cloud account.

photoshop touch for iPhone and Android smartphones
Photoshop Touch version for iOS and Android smartphones.
Photoshop Touch iphone
Photoshop Touch smartphone incorporates nearly all effects, filters and functions of his creative version for tablets.

Photoshop Touch for iPhone on the Apple App Store.
Photoshop Touch for Android smartphones on Google Play.

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