Kiss the Pentax K-01 bye bye


Pentax discretly cancelled an important camera in their 2013 lineup, the mirrorless APS-C based camera K-01. Does this mean that the Pentax K-02 is on its way now ? Will it get the low-pass filter free sensor of the K-5 IIs DSLR ? Does Pentax just stop the career of this very (too) bulky mirrorless camera that was great, but just not compact enough to justify giving up on the optical viewinder of a traditionnal Digital SLR and go for the mirrorless version. Also, its design was questionable by some folks which did find the K-01 really ugly. If you ask me, I liked its design. Yet, I’d never buy it. Either I use a DSLR or a VERY compact mirrorless camera like the Sony NEX-6 and the new thin 16-50mm lens (stock around for the Sony NEX-6 review).

More on the Pentax K-01.

Having said that, while I am not sure whether we’ll see Pentax launching a K-02 in the coming weeks, I have to say that using the regular Pentax K mount on its mirrorless camera was pretty smart to lure Pentax users who already own some great Pentax lenses like the weather sealed ones. Today, the thing is that if you have some Pentax lenses, you should consider the K-01 : it is sold for a ridiculous price of $299 in America and about €450 in Europe ! That is cheaper than many high-end compact cameras. So, depending on what you are up to, the Pentax K-01 could be the best deal right now….

Till it vanishes….

pentax k-01
Pentax discontinues the K-01. Do they let the APS-C mirrorless camera segment down or prepare to launch the K-02 ?…