Finally Canon lens caps with central pinch opening system !

canon lens cap
The new Canon lens caps... a realief.

They are coming ! We have all been waiting for these new lens caps for ages. If you have Canon lenses and use them with the lens hood, you know what I mean… tricky to get the lens cap off with the lens hood on. Nikon’s system is much much easier to operate and, for reasons I totally ignore (patents ?) Canon did not adopt it till last year when they announced new EF lenses and new lens caps featuring the central pinching opening system instead of Canon’s traditional side system.

B&H is the first dealer to have these lens caps on their online store. Next generation Canon EF lenses should be delivered with the new system bu if you want to equip your lens with this new and smart system, you have to buy them. They are priced $9.95 / pce.

canon lens cap
The new Canon lens caps… a realief.

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