Panasonic TZ40 / ZS30 ultrazoom camera with Wi-Fi and NFC

panasonic tz40
The panasonic TZ40 gets a 20x zoom (24-480mm) ideal fo rtravel photography.

Here’s the new (2013) crusher compact ultra-zoom from the Panasonic line: the Lumix DMC-TZ40 (EU) / DMC-ZS30 (USA). On the really strategic of  ultrazoom digital compact cameras, Panasonic comes today with the developed on the evolution of the TZ30. The TZ40 / ZS30comes to the market putting the accent on the possibilities offered by a built-in  WiFi connexion.
The TZ series are strategic cameras for Panasonic. which have in a way of speaking invented this kind of camera packed with powerful zoom lenses. Last year Panasonic unveiled the TZ30, a digital compact camera gifted with a 20x stabilized optical zoom, 24-480 mm. Today on the occasion of the CES 2013, Panasonic introduces the Lumix DMC-TZ40 / DMC-ZS30, which has carried over the central piece of the TZ30 the Leica DC 20x optical zoom. We can salute the status quo concerning its enormous zoom capacities and wisdom of their marketing team to maintain it. A 24-480 mm in a digital compact is amply capable of carrying out this camera’s missions. It’s stabilized by an optical system that operates on 5 different axes, called the OIS system. Here’s the perfect travel companion, and all the more as it’s equipped with a GPS as its predecessor. We can now navigate between photos posted on a map generated on the camera’s view-screen.

panasonic tz40
The panasonic TZ40 gets a 20x zoom (24-480mm) ideal fo rtravel photography.

There’s a new MOS 18-megapixel sensor that empowers the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ40 / DMC-ZS30. It combines great sensitivity in low light situations with full HD video at 50p (AVCHD) and 10 fps still image bursts. The still image bursts are activated by a button dedicated to the function, and the TZ40 takes advantage of this mode to propose a HDR function or panoramics by a “sweeping” movement.   Naturally we can find Panasonic’s full arsenal of intelligent automatisms in the mode Intelligent Auto.
The autofocus of the TZ40 is also improved to a blazing 0.1 s. This year all the camera makers have redoubled their efforts in this domain.

panasonic TZ4
The TZ40’s / ZS30 touch-screen is a comfortable 3″/920,000 dots

The Panasonic TZ40 will be accompanied in the digital compacts line with the TZ35 which borrows all the essential features of his big brother excepting the 18 m.p. sensor which is slightly diminished to 16 m.p. and the loss of the WiFi feature.

Panasonic TZ40 / ZS30 : WiFi & NFC

If the TZ40 has a few nice new touches here and there the essential of its new generation transformation is the addition of WiFi to its features. Not only can you save your photos and video in wireless mode onto your domestic WiFi system, or via a hotspot, even better you can link it to your smartphone or tablet for even more dynamic uses. It can transform your terminal or tablet into a large-scale remote viewer. We’ve already seen this in application on the compact Samsung WiFi products. Connect your digital camera such as the TZ40 to your smartphone then begin sharing the contents with your friends or family or social network without having downloaded them to your computer, and this from anywhere there’s  3G or 4G coverage. In addition Panasonic offers you the LUMIX Club Cloud Sync which allows you to save your LUMIX TZ40 photos, while on the run onto your own cloud space. Panasonic has added a chip to the TZ40 that allows automatic integration of the parameters of your smartphone WiFi connection when the two are connected to each other. (Coool)

panasonic lumix dmc-tz40
The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ40 has a GPS sensor.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ40 price and availability

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ40 will be available in black, white, burgundy and silver mi-March at a suggested retail price of euros 379. Panasonic will also market a Lumix DMC-TZ35 / DMC)ZS25 in the US equipped with the same features as the TZ40 but without Wi-Fi connexion and with a lower megapixel count (16 instead of 18).

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