Long exposure photography fun and inspiring video


Our insane sick photographers from Hong-Kong at DigitalRev.com have published a new 10mn long video which shows tricks and tutorial to make long exposure photography in a fun and creative way, while being also quite useful to erase the ghosts of people in a crowded place you would want to take in photo.

THese guies are very talented at showing us some ineresting photography techniques hints and tricks, or camera reviews, in a very fun way which makes the video a real pleasure to watch. I liked some ideas of this video which suggest to play with long exposure, with the flash and the camera orientation while recording the long exposure image.

Myself, I sometime use a ND grey filter which comes in handy mostly to create smooth filé on waterfalls like the images serie I shot in the Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe inside Basse-Terre area, by the La Soufrière volcano, a place greatly shaped by the Creator’s will and a paradise not only for holiday,s but also for landscape photographers. I also use my neutral grey density filter to create an inspirational atmosphere on sea shores like the famous photographs or Michael Kenna, probably my favorite landscape photographer. With a neutral grey filter, you may reach exposure time over a minute so make sure your camera is steady and you will most often have to use a seriously built tripod to avoid a blur image. I like, on long exposure photos, the contrast of textures between very sharp non moving subjects and the velvety smooth blur of moving subjects like crowd, sea with waves, waterfall, cars in traffic, etc…

Are you also into long exposure photography ? If so, please, feel free to share some of your photos with us on my Facebook Page.

Watch the long exposure photography tutorial video :

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