Kodak and Black Magic join MFT consortium, new mirrorless cameras to come


Micro Four Thirds camera, lens and accessories ecosystem earns 5 new partners! In an official press release by Olympus, we learn that 5 new photo equipment manufacturers joined the consortium created by Olympus and Panasonic to propose an ecosystem around a philosophy of mirrorless compact interchangeable lens cameras.

Since the Photokina 2008, Olympus and Panasonic are the only ones to develop the Micro 4:3 camera system. Pioneers in the world of mirrorless cameras, the two brands have come to build a varied and dense offer in both cameras, lenses and accessories. Four and a half years later, they have lured 5 new partners of the world of photography which will come and join the two precursors:

  • Black Magic Design Pty Ltd: known brand that stirred the small world of professional video equipment with this highly innovative small 4K box proposed at an attractive price.
  • JK Imaging: the company that sells cameras under the Kodak brand. In China, was presented a prototype of a Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera, the Kodak S1.
  • Photron Limited: Japanese company founded in 1968, a player in the world of photography that provides products and services.
  • SVS-Vistek: a manufacturer of industrial machinery for the production of components and systems for optical vision.
  • ViewPlus Inc..: A Japanese company that sells video equipment and solutions in the world of communication and image processing.

Out of these five new members of the group to join the micro four thirds alliance, only two should launch products known to the general public: Black Magic Design and Imaging Ltd. JK. The first one has already introduced a videocamera with a micro MFT mount  and the second should market under the Kodak brand MFT mirrorless cameras.

Last year, Tamron and Tokina announced working on MFT lenses… but I have not seen them so far… Sigma launched only a couple of prime lenses in MFT mount… I wish we could see more external lens manufacturers annoucing new lenses but I have to say that the MFT system is the most attractive system, with regards the number of cameras, lenses and accessories available. Compare with Samsung NX poor lens range, the unattractive Sony NEX lens offer…

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