Fujifilm X100S peaking focus demo video

fuji x
I love that retro style. The X100S is now made in Japan like other Fuji X series cameras.

In this short video edited by Fujifilm Global, you will have a quick glance at how the new peaking focus display works on the new Fujifilm X100S premium compact camera works and how this new feature will help you get extra sharp in focus subjects on your photos. THe great thing is that this new manual focus assist display will be both helpful in the viewfinder (yes, talking this gorgeous hybrid viewfinder borrowed to the X100). The system is so smart and simple that I wonder why nobody brought it on a camera before !

The Fujifilm X100S is undoubtedly for me the best camera in show for the CES 2013. It has been smartly designed on the X100 successful basis and added welcome improvements like the X-Pro1 X-Trans sensor or this new hybrid autofocus which is said to focus in as little as 0.08s. I just bought for myself, and as a collectible, a X100 black edition, and I will defintitely compare the X100 vs X100S image quality in my X100S review to be published ASAP.

Here is the peaking focus assist system demo video on the Fujifilm X100S :

If you liked the X100 (see my Fujifilm X100 review), you will adore the X100S. I would like you to take a tour at Paul’s Fuji-x blog which is in French, but which promotes the Fuji-X images and photos above all. Paul is a French guy. Actually, is main occupation is not photography, he is a professional piano player and does that for a living. He is quite famous in Japan and married to a Japanese girl. Well, that was for the behind the scenes story. Now, the thing is he does a selection of the best photographs of the Fuji X series Flcikr pages and it is worth paying his blog a weekly visit to see what enthusiat amateur photographers are capable of.


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