Canon Powershot N : Wi-Fi multitouch photography box


With The Powershot N unveiled today ahead of the CES 2013 opening, Canon innovates and targets amateur photographers who want to sharpen their creativity as well as sharing their works of art on social networks on the go. This little high-tech ultra-compact camera is unmatched on the market today. It has a touch-screen, gets the Wi-Fi, and its user interface / operation does not obey the usual codes of photography, as you will see. Here is a small photography box to share with friends, the Canon Powershot N.


canon powershot n
The Canon Powershot N touch-screen operated and Wi-Fi enabled compact camera

It is a small ufo announced by Canon today. The Powershot N seems to speak to fans of iphonography, seduced by amateur photographers who would like Instagram and enjoy a more versatile camera, which would completely be pocketable, while offering a higher image quality and photographic opportunities than built-in camera modules of today’s smartphones. It is first by its design, a brand new camera format, that the Powershot N differs from the competition. It is a square camera and very compact. Screen folded, it measures less than 3 cm thick. The way the screen is articulated reminds me of the Samsung Multiview NV900F, an other tiny little Wi-Fi / Touch-screen operated compact camera. The Canon Powershot N user interface combines both multitouch technology of the 2.8 ” screen that allows to focus, trigger, or scroll through the images captured. Around the lens, 2 rings allow to zoom in/out to trigger for the second one.


When I write that the Canon Powershot is aimed at amateur photographers who want to let their creativity free, I think to the ergonomics of the camera that allows really original compositions, but also to the “Creative Shot” mode which handles some of the camera’s parameters  as exposure, focus, white balance, contrast, etc.. but suggests, once the photo is taken, five different versions of the image generated by the camera. You then choose the one you like the most, or that reflects your personality, your photographic intension or creative will of the moment. You can also choose from different artistic filters proposed by the Powershot N as soft focus, Toy Camera, Monochrome …


The Canon Powershot N also offers a new shooting mode called “Hybrid Auto” filming in 720p four seconds before the moment you take the photo. This allows the embedded intelligence of the camera to determine the optimum settings, and at the end of the day, the Powershot N assembles all 4s films to provide a condensed video of your day day.


Canon N
The Canon N has a 2.8 touch screen that can swivel to offer creative angles of view for creative photo composition.


Canon Powershot N : Wi-Fi

Naturally, such a camera could not do without Wi-Fi . The Powershot N has Wi-Fi onboard which will, when it is in range of a Wi-Fi network, a hotspot or a smartphone, allow its users to share photos and videos on social networks like Facebook and YouTube instantly. The wireless connectivity also offers the upload of photos and videos on your computer without having to connect the camera via USB, and to print wirelessly if you have a WiFi enabled printer (and if you managed to set it up !…).

The Canon Powershot If N is not equipped with a built-in GPS sensor, but it has the faculty to use the WiFi connexion to retrieve your smartphone’s location datas which it will store in the EXIF ​​data of your photos.

 Canon Powershot N camera specs

I could almost forget to tell you about the photo features of the Canon Powershot N. Canon does not seem to have made any compromise on image quality despite the other features of the camera which is unfortunately quite often the case with connected cameras. The Powershot N is equipped with a high-sensitivity CMOS sensor, certainly Back-Side Illuminated (but Canon’s communication remains vague on the subject) of 12 megapixels. The camera is powered by the Digic 5 processor which also handles the processing of the sensor signal. The Powershot N’s zoom lens is quite powerful, since it offers a focal range of 8x, and covers 28-224mm. The image is stabilized by an optical image stabilizer, qualified as “intelligent” as it adapts its operation depending on whether it is a photo, a video you are shooting, and according to the shooting conditions. The camera records videos in Full HD 1080p, with sound in stereo. It is equipped with an HDMI output for connecting to a TV. “Hybrid Auto” and “Smart Auto” Modes automatically detect the type of scene you are photographing and compares it to a 58 scene modes database.

Canon Powershot N price and availability

The Canon Powershot N will be available in April 2013. So we’ll have to be patient to check it out and to write its review. It will be sold €349. The camera will not be powered by a smartphone type operating system like Android which operates the Samsung Galaxy Camera or the Nikoon Coolpix S800c. Still, it is equipped of Wi-Fi and multitouch, enough to call the Powershot N a smartcamera ?

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