Canon IXUS 140 Wi-Fi pocket camera and 3 new Powershot

canon ixus 140
The Ixus 140mm has a versatile 8x zoom lens optically stabilized.

Canon unveils today the Ixus 140, an ultra-compact camera in a beautifully designed body. It features a stabilized 8x optical zoom and Wi-Fi connectivity for wireless photo and video sharing. Connect it to a smartphone and you can even share on the go. In this CES 2013, along with the Ixus 140, Canon announced the release of its new entry-level Powershot range including the Powershot A1400, Powershot A2600 and Powershot A3500 IS.

The Ixus 140 however boasts a far thinner and sleeker design than its Powershot A1400, 12600 and 13500 IS counterparts, making it a proud addition to Ixus range. It comes with a 3” LCD screen, a simple 16-megapixel CCD sensor that records 720p video and 32 scene modes including automatic scene detection. That’s 27 short of the well-rounded Powershot N “smartcamera” and its 59 scene modes.

canon ixus 140
The Ixus 140mm has a versatile 8x zoom lens optically stabilized.


Canon Ixus 140 : Wi-Fi and mobile-enabled GPS tracking

The Ixus 140 comes with Wi-Fi connectivity for fast wireless sharing. You can connect it to a hotspot or a smartphone alike and use the Canon CameraWindow application to transfer pictures and videos to smartphones and tablets running under iOS or AndroidTM. You can also post them straight to your social networks such as Facebook. The Ixus Wi-Fi connection will also make saving your pictures in the Cloud a breeze. Save them directly from your camera via Canon iMAGE GATEWAY : Canon provides 10GB storage space free of charge. You can also activate the automatic transfer option to save your pictures to your computer or even print them using a wireless printer. The Powershot A3500 IS also includes this function.


Canon Ixus 140 camera
The Canon IXUS 140 is a pretty cheap Wi-Fi compact camera. UNfortunately, its regular CCD sensor does not allow a lot of advanced photo modes like HDR, sweep panoramas and 1080p movie recording.

Mobile-enabled GPS tracking

Connect your camera to you smartphone via Wi-Fi and you will be able to authorize GPS tracking using your phone’s localization data. The information will then be included into your EXIF data. Your camera doesn’t need its own GPS tracker to geotag your pictures. This is an interesting solution, though not as user-friendly as a real GPS receiver. With the EOS 6D, Canon proved that a digital camera could successfully include both a Wi-Fi connection and a GPS receiver.


Canon Ixus 140 : Main Features

  • -16-Megapixel sensor (CCD)
  • 28-224mm lens
  • Canon “Intelligent” optical image stabilizer
  • DIGIC 4 processor
  • 720p video
  • 32 scene SmartAuto Mode
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPS via mobile


Canon Ixus 140 : Pricing and Availability

The Canon Ixus 140 will be rolling out to stores end of February 2013 for 179 euros (all taxes included).


Canon Powershot A3500IS, A2600 et A1400

Along with the new Ixus 140, Canon announced 3 new Powershot cameras.

The Canon Powershot A3500 IS is very similar to the Ixus 140 in that they both feature a 16MP CCD sensor, 720p video, Wi-Fi and GPS via mobile. The main difference lies in the A3500 IS’s somewhat weaker zoom, also starting at 28mm on the wide-angle end. The 5x optical zoom is a 28-140mm equivalent and also uses Canon’s Intelligent Image Stabilizer.

Ixus 140
The Canon Powershot A3500 IS is a pretty advanced Powershot, that even looks like an Ixus / Stylus.

As for the Powershot A2600, it also features the same 16MP CCD and 720p video and the Powershot A3600’s zoom range. However, it drops the Optical Image Stabalizer and opts for an electronic stabilizer instead, the sole purpose of which will be to boost ISO sensibility when it detects moving subject or camera movement. It also features a scene recognition mode, a 3” screen as well as a variety of creative filters. The Powershot A1400 is a perfect replica of the A2600, apart from a downsized 2,7” screen.

All cameras will begin shipping in February, besides the Powershot A3500 IS that will be available in March. The prices announced are the following (including taxes):

  • Powershot A1400 : 109 euros
  • Powershot A2600 : 119 euros
  • Powershot A3500 IS : 149 euros

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