5mn Sony RX1 manual assembly video

Sony-Cyber-shot-DSC-RX1 review
Sony-Cyber-shot-DSC-RX1 review

In a video posted on YouTube, Sony is showing us how the gorgeous Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 is assembled, by hand, like a Leica in a German Leica factory or a precious watch made in Switzerland. The video is interesting if you are into technics as it will show you which parts go where, how they are mounted. The video is 5minutes long meaning that it only takes 5mn to produce a full RX1 camera. Well, not quite, it is just the final production stage that you see here, the most spectacular one which gathers all parts together. For instance, the entire lens is already built, then mounted.  The video screen’s other parts show the construvction of a camcorder and a smartphone as well.

If you, like me, love the Sony RX1 (read my Sony RX1 review to find out how I liked this luxury full frame compact camera), you’ve got to take 5mn and watch this video.


If you flew away on a desert island these past six month, then you need a quick update on the Sony RX1 camera. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1, from its real full commercial name, is the very first full frame compact camera. It is gifted with Sony’s Exmor CMOS sensor of 24 megapixels fed by a Sonnar T * 35mm f/2.0 lens. Sold above the crazy $3,000 threshold, the RX1 has been launched for Christmas 2012 and I… loved it when I reviewed it. Now, the thing is I have a couple of amateur photographers who bought the Sony RX1 which have a service issue with the camera which sensor shows traces of grease or dust which is quite surprising as the lens is not interchangeable. Could be worth waiting a few weeks before buying the RX1 to see what for an answer Sony comes with.

Also, on my blog, you can navigate through cameras and announcement articles by the sensor size. For instance, here is the link to all full frame cameras, the one to all APS-C cameras

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