The Canon EOS 5D Mark II is discontinued


Canon did not let the EOS 5D Mark II celebrating Christmas and is now cancelling this iconic camera : Canon Japan website is now listing the EOS 5D Mark II as discontinued… The end of an era for most of us for a camera that ca,n now be seen as a milestone for photographers and videopgraphers with a first almost affordable high-definitin full frame DSLR that was quite gifted for recording movies whch made Canon doing a huge invasion on the cinema market.

The EOS 5D Mark II arrived in Canon’s range at the beginning of 2009 and suffered of many weaknesses aside its gorgeous 21-megapixel sensor, like a poor autofocus (which made me switch to Nikon !), an amateur grade built and an average optical viewfinder. But still, it sold like crazy because of its high-end image quality and 1080p video recording capabilities. Today, it has been replaced by the EOS 5D MArk III which corrects all its weaknesses and the range of Canon’s 35mm DSLR now has a newcomer, the affordable Wi-Fi + GPS EOS 6D.

See by yourselves the Canon EOS 5D Mark II now listed among all other Canon’s discontinued cameras on website.

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