Snappgrip : an iPhone casing with camera grip


This handgrip for iPhone is intended for photographic use. It consists of a hard iPhone case in which we will insert Apple’s smartphone on one side, and a photo handgrip on the other side. The iphonographers will certainly find this extremely useful an accessory, although it clearly affects the compactness of the smartphone when the handle is mounted. As you can see on the images and bellow video, not only it offers an improved handgrip and comfort when shooting photos with an iPhone, it also includes a trigger and a zoom lever, which is naturally a digital zoom…. since the iPhone has no optical zoom lens, as well as a mode dial. The advantage of this sly Snappgrip handle is that it can be used as a protective cover for the iPhone in a more traditional way, with a streamlined configuration in which the handle is missing.


The extra iPhone handle called Snappgrip will improve the control of photo functions of the smartphone. Pressing the shutter halfway will focus, it will then suffice to fully press to trigger to actually take the picture, as is done with any conventional camera. The selection mode dial consists of shortcuts to different photo modes : portrait, landscape, flash and video. Finally, the zoom button will zoom in and out, by performing a simple image crop. The underside of the handle shows a conventional USB connector, and a tripod screw. The USB port will charge the battery.


This camera handgrip to be sold with a companion application for iOS and Android smartphones, and the creator of the project says he wants to provide developers the API to allow its integration into other photo apps. Snappgrip will be compatible with the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5, but also with the Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy SIII. It will be available in different colors and has a battery life of 60 hours (standby).



This beautiful idea is not yet at the stage of marketing : it is a Kickstarter project.


Snappgrip : extra camera handgrip for iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 video


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