Nikon patent for a digital film camera back


It is the appearance of a patent filed by Nikon on the Internet that revives the hope of one day seeing a digital back on an analog SLR being adapted. The Japanese engineering accomplishment blog has spotted a patent with diagrams describing a mechanism that allows photographers to mount and adjust a digital sensor on the back cover of a film camera. It shows hat the guiding mechanism of the film is used to adapt the digital back.

Since the beginning of digital photography, we began to dream of a “digital film” that could be placed inside a SLR and convert it into Digital SLR at a lower cost. But today, such an invention would arrive a little late on the market because the camera bodies have undergone many changes to adapt to the digital era and now offer video with a lot of electronics inside. For these past 15 years, we have seen many technological revolutions and cameras performance have greatly increased. Originally, due to the excessive selling price of the first DSLRs, the concept of digital film that could adapt to a cheaper film camera was naturally something that would have sold like crazy. But today much less…

Today, the chances of such a patent resulting in a product sold by Nikon are really extremely thin. This promising concept 15 years ago now belongs to the past and would not bring much to the market. Manufacturers have taken other directions, and actualy, for me, it is just fine!

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