Flickr for iOS V2 goes social with Facebook and Twitter


Flickr iOS application gets its first update that interfaces the App with Facebook and Twitter. The photo sharing service users on iOS have been expecting this update for almost two years, and today it embraces social functions that allow disappointed Instagram users to move to Flickr iOS iPhone and iPad app to share photos.

Without a doubt, the fuss about the conditions of use of the service ublished by earlier this week has lead many of the photography based social network users to give a new chance to Flickr, which still offers many advantages, despite criticisms that he can be rightly made to it and the lack of evolutions in recent years. But the new management at Yahoo promises many things that will enhance the user experience and make Flickr a more attractive, more open, more social, more up to date, photography sharing service. In addition to some new features that make their arrival on Flickr web version, the application for iPhone and iPad Flickr update opens the mobile service to other social networks and thus could easily be seen as a substitute for Instagram bringing a new social dimension to its iOS application with the presence of notifications that let you know when someone has added a comment to a photo you’ve already commented yourself. This is clearly a function that will encourage the emergence of a community of photographers also via the mobile application. The new application for iOS version 2.0 can also find your Facebook and Twitter contacts for you. Flickr iOS 2.0 will notify you when one of your Facebook contact has subscribed to Flickr. You can also search for Twitter users directly from the iOS app of Flickr.
Flickr for iOS download on iTunes

Flickr for iOS version 2.

Flickr for iOS version 2 and some Instagram like photo filters.

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