Dropbox acquires Snapjoy for coming photography cloud service


Dropbox / Snap Joy

The most successful Cloud service in the world, Dropbox, has just acquired SnapJoy, which will allow users to synchronize all their photos online. Abit of Apple’s photostream, Adobe Revel, but in a much more open manner.

 Launched 5 years ago, the cloud service Dropbox has recently surpassed 100 million users. The service success is due to its integration into many applications, but also to its completely melted in the operating systems user interface, that makes it similar to an extension of your hard drive, so helpful to find content on all your computers, and other devices like smartphones, tablets, and even online through a simple web browser. Dropbox does not seem to be willing to stop ther and announced the acquisition of SnapJoy, an online photography specialist.

Here is what photographers will ove about Dropbox / Snap Joy :

 Snapjoy and Dropbox : winning combination for photographers

SnapJoy resembles a true universal library, to gather your images saved from either Instagram, or Flickr (which has updated its iOS app opening it on Facebook and Twitter), on Picasa, and of course directly from a PC or Mac. SnapJoy can let you share photos with other users, but also works with Facebook / Twitter with which you can share your photos too. The web interface is fluid and well thought out as it displays photos in the form of a timeline. Cool. The service is always perfectly usable for members, but registration is now closed…


A real RAW workflow cloud service for photohraphers


I am still expceting either Apple or Adobe to launch a really serious Cloud synnchronization service for RAW images that would allow me to save and store online my RAW filesn synchronize them with all my computers (sometimes only the JPEG versions) as well as all editing work done, tags and rating, and the images adjustment so that I can start editing on the go on my Macbook Pro Retina flying back home from a photo shoot, then working on my Eizeo screen at the studio for fine photo retouching and then having my final images thumbnails also updated with all the changes on my iPad. I know that RAW images file storage consume a lot of space on the cloud service server, but appart from that, what is so complicated ?….

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