Polaroid CEO confirms an Android based camera at CES 2013

Polaroid Android mirrorless camera to be unveiled at CES 2013 next month.

It is the CEO of Polaroid itself who confirmed they will unveil at the coming CES 2013 an Android based camera. Previous leaks tend to prove it will be a mirrorless Polaroid camera.

Like Nikon and its Coolpix S800c, like Samsung and its Galaxy Camera, Polaroid announced they will unveil at the CES 2013 a camera based on the mobile operating system from Google, Android. Scott Hardy, Polaroid’s CEO has confirmed Imaging Resource that the brand had an Android Camera with Wi-Fi in the pipe. It will be unveiled at 2013 CES which takes place in a few weeks, from January 8-11.

Previously, photos and specifications of this new Polaroid camera have been published in a dealer magazine showing that this camera should get a 16MP sensor, a 3.5-inch touchscreen, built-in Wi-Fi of course, and would use Android 4.0. But as you can see on these leaked images of the Polaroid IM1836, it ressembles a lot to the Nikon 1 J1 / J2 and seems to be a mirrorless camera. That would be quite of a surprise from Polaroid compact hybrid digital interchangeable lens and therefore it strongly resembles a hybrid consumer Nikon 1 J2. At this stage, photos and specifications remain unconfirmed by Polaroid against the president has confirmed that we would see at CES 2013 camera Android.

Will this new body sign the come back of Polaroid cameras ?

To me since the film camera market is now totally dead, Polaroid could come back with an innovative camera but actually, they have been trying for years and with a very limited success. They lately tried to launche the Zink instant printer with zero ink system, even blended it on a camera, but it does not sell so well. What I wish they would do : sell instant camera paper at an affordable price because the Impossible Project Polaroid film prices are just insanely high. They, they could launch an other innovation… Could have been an Instagram Camera, but it looks like they just borrowed the J1/J2 to Nikon and slightly redesign the body while implementing a touch screen and Android… Was that the way to go ?…. The future will tell if Polaroid cameras are what photographers want.

polaroid camera
Polaroid Android mirrorless camera to be unveiled at CES 2013 next month. It housld be called the Polaroid IM1836.

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