Adobe acquires Behance online portfolio service to give Creative Cloud social functions


Adobe took over Behance, an online portfolio actor. The goal is to give Adobe Creative Cloud service new functions for sharing and highlighting the work of a its creative community in a social spirit and provide the service of a social dimension.

Behance is an online portfolio service with social and community dimensions. This is what has attracted Adobe that has acquired it, getting their hands on the million members of The stated goal is to “provide Creative Cloud remarkable community features to make it the platform of creative professionals worldwide,” said the statement from Adobe formalizing this purchase. Adobe promised to constantly evolve and Creative Cloud did so a few days ago with a major update and the introduction of new features for Creative Cloud subscribers. Photoshop CS6 became also compatible with Retina displays of the latest Macbook Pro and added the possibility of apply blur and fluidity filters as smart objects to use them in a fully nondestructive workflow. Today, with the acquisition of Behance, one can expect a social dimension for Creative Cloud in the months / years to see the emergence of a more open community according to the wishes of the software editor. Last month, behance members portfolios have been viewed over 90 million times, making the service a powerful showcase for creative work. More than three million creative projects are currently hosted at Behance.

“At a time when the creative rely more on Social Web both in terms of collaboration opportunities, individuals and teams benefit from Behance community features integrated into the creative process. We are delighted to join forces with Adobe to enhance creative professions in the global.. ” explained the CEO of Behance, Scott Belsky, cofounder of the service.

Behance is platform also open to other portfolio services  that are also displayed in Behance such as AdWeek, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and The Smithsonian National Design Awards. Behance has evolved into a place where designers can build relationships and be helpful to find work and market their skills. Adobe should integrate community features and Behance portfolio in Adobe Creative Cloud to allow subscribers to easily create content, comment on their respective projects to highlight their achievements and disseminate different types of equipment.

Adobe acquires
Adobe acquires

Last week, Dropbox announced they took over Snapjoy which should lead to interesting photography cloud service.

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