Transcend Wi-Fi SD memory cards : and your camera communicates


After the Eye-Fi cards, the Toshiba FlashAir cards, here comes Transcend with a new range of Wi-Fi enabled memory cards, the Transcend Wi-Fi SD cards. They will bring Wi-Fi to your camera if it does not have it built-in like the Samsung Galaxy Camera, NX210, NX1000, WB850F, MV900F, EX2F…, Sony NEX-6 or NEX-5R, Nikon Coolpix S800c, Canon Powershot S110, etc… The Transcend Wi-Fi SD card will operate under two modes :

  • Direct Mode : the card lets the camera communicate with a Wi-Fi smartphone or tablet in order to share your photos and videos by email, via Facebook, while you are on the go, on location even without any wi-fi hotspot nearby.
  • Internet Mode : the camera, through the Wi-Fi card will connect to your home network, a hotspot, to send images and videos to your peers by email or via Facebook.

The inside technology of these memory cards is a class 10 SDHC standard memory card which will be fast enough to be used for Full HD video recording or with a high fps camera. For a reason I ignore, I still haven’t seen any SDXC Wi-Fi card. The Transcend Wi-Fi SD card will be available in 16GB for $69 and 32GB for $99 and should work fine with the Nikon D800 which has till-now-not addressed issues with Eye-Fi cards.


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