Sony RX100 : among the 2012 best innovations for TIME magazine (and myself !)


But Time magazine has entered the Sony Ericsson 100 digital camera into its 2012 based innovation of the year.the arrival of the camera into the selection of the most striking inventions from Time magazine is certainly going to make Sony engineers and marketers very proud of.  actually, I think exactly the same with regards these, which has offered me the best satisfaction of any other camera this year, I mean, compact cameras, it does I would have to take into account the ninth and the 800.  just like me, time magazine journalists appreciated the Sony camera compact size in spite of its huge sensor.  as a pro photographer, I do appreciate the sense of cameras, but too often this results in a logical bulky camera body like Canon G15  or the high-end Fujifilm X10.  within the case of the Sony RX100,  things are different, the camera is still very compact although it has a 1 inch sensor. The TIME magazine says that this camera is a very huge leap forward talking about size and camera performances.  These qualities has led the Time magazine is to select the Sony RX100 as on of the most important innovations of 2012  aside the Mars rover !

When I reviewed the Sony RX 100, I really did appreciate its image quality which is reaching a level never seen before on such a compact camera thanks to its 1 inch sensor featuring 20 megapixels definition, but also  it’s nice 28-100 mm lens which can be pretty fast at  wide-angle with a maximum aperture of/1.8.  ideas also appreciates that this Sony cyber-shot DSC-RX100 user interface is highly customizable with a lot of function buttons and a lens ring dial which can be programmed.  I also appreciated the superior auto mode of the Sony RX100  which is a multi-images mode that comes in very handy for HDR photography, to reach high ISO settings without hurting too much the image quality, and even to create a nice yet artificial bokeh effect.  To me the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100  is one of the most valuable digital cameras over the last decade.  I cannot wait to review the other RX Sony camera, the Cyber-shot DSC-RX1,  which features a full frame 24-megapixel CMOS sensor  and a very promising Carl Zeiss prile lens. I will visit the “salon de la Photo” held in Paris this week and have an appointment schedule with Sony France staff to get my hands on the RX1 (as well as on the NEX-6 and the SLT-A99).

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