Sigma USB dock and lens optimization pro software hands-on and video


During the Photokina 2012, Sigma unveiled a new accord, of a new kind, a USB dock station for lenses. It will be released early next year and will be compatible with Sigma’s new generation of lenses. Sigma is playing big on the coming 2-3 years where they plan to renew their entire product range and are killing the EX line offering all lenses high-end optical quality. The new Sigma lenses lineup will be divided in 3 product families :

  • ART (like the new 35mm F1.4 DG HSM)
  • SPORT (like the new 120-300mm F2.8 telezoom lens)
  • CONTEMPORARY (like the new 17-70mm F2.8 OIS lens)

These lenses can be mounted on the USB dock station which will be connected to a computer, Mac or PC, and will read the lens parameters and settings. The software, Sigma USB dock and Optimization Pro software, will allow you to update the lens firmware, but that is far from being it. It can do much more than that, it helps photographers fine tuning and customizing their lenses to suite their needs and the kind of photography they are planning. Here is what you can do with the Sigma USB dock station  :

  1. Set the autofocus distance ranges. For example, if you are shooting planes, you can set the focus distance from 30m to infinity.
  2. Set the front and back focus in a much more precise way than what you can do on your camera for advanced and pro DSLRs. The software lets you set the focus correction for different focal length and focusing distance.
  3. Set the autofocus priority either on sharpness or speed depending on the subject you need to capture.
  4. And of course update your lenses firmware.
Sigma USB dock
Sigma’s USB dock is made of a camera mount, which you mount your lens on as you don on your DSLR.
Sigma dock station for lens
Sigma software menus are really simple and guide the photographer with the settings of its lens, the autofocus or the update of the lens firmware.
Sigma USB dock
You then connect the dock with the lens attached to your computer.


Sigma USB dock demo video :




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