Perfectly Clear for iPhone and iPad version 3


Athentech Imaging, the editor of the one-click photography enhancement solution Perfectly clear, just released its 3rd version for iOS devices : Perfectly Clear iPhone and iPad apps (itunes store link).  This new version offers a full bunch of new features and Athetec high-tech image enhancement algorythms.
Perfectly Clear for iOS version 3 : what’s new :

  • Redesigned user interface for more intuitive controls and cursors which should enhance the fun one can have working on its images.
  • New de-purple tool that fixes the famous iPhone 5 camera module phenomenon which occurs when the camera is pointed at a bright light source like the sun…. and that works in just one click they say. I’ll make sure to check that for my review of the application.
  • Noise Removal: noise removal was an extra on previous versions forcing you to pay extra bucks to get this app plug-in. Finally, it is included in Perfectly Clear now.
  • Beautify tool:  as you have guessed, this automatic tool enhances portraits offering your subjects smoother skin texture, sparkling eyes and whieter teeth. Can’t wait to check this new tool as I am working on a portrait retouching workshop for you guys.

Perfectly Clear 3 for iOS is sold $2.99 on the AppStore. An dfinally, you can use this purchased app both on your ipad and iphone which was not the case previously.

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