Panasonic LX7 review : sample image gallery


Before I publish the Panasonic LX7 full review, here is a photo gallery of jpg images shot with the LX7 last Tuesday in Le Puy en Velay, an old city located in the center of France. You can download these images to check them in full size on your computer by clicking on the 575 pixels wide images bellow that will take you yo my Flickr account where you will be able to get the original file right from the camera.

The Panasonic LX7 is a nice refresh of the LX5 with a brand new sensor, still in 1/1.7″ size, but featuring a totally different technology. The lX7 sensor is a back side illuminated sensor whereas the LX5 only had a basic CCD. This new sensor brings the camera better image quality under low light conditions and in high sensibilities, but also Full HD video recording till 60p. (see Panasonic LX7 image quality from ISO 80-12,800) I won’t spoil the full Panasonic LX7 review in this post but I have to say that I really appreciated the LX7 user interface and especially the manual aperture ring on the lens barrel, probably the only thing that would lack to the Sony RX100 my favorite compact camera by far. And before I leave you with the photo samples gallery, let me also tell you how handy the LX7 fast lens came-in handy when I had to shoot under dim light in Le Puy en Velay Cathedral. The Lumix DMC-LX7 lens is fast both in wide-angle (24mm) with an impressive f/1.4 max. aperture and in telezoom (90mm) where it still can be used at f/2.3.


Panasonic LX7 review : sample image gallery


Panasonic LX7 camera review
Panasonic LX7 – 400 ISO – 75mm – f/2.2 – 1/20s (I love the lighting and the camera totally reproduced the ambiance)


LX7 review gallery
Panasonic LX7 – ISO 400 – 37mm – f/1.7 – 1/40s


Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 review
Panasonic LX7 – ISO 200 – 47mm – f/2 – 1/15s (starting to explore the image stabilization limit at 1/15s)


Panasonic lx7
Panasonic LX7 – ISO 80 – 25mm – f/2.8 – 1/320s


panasonic lx7 review
Panasonic LX7 – ISO 200 – 90mm – f/2.3 – 1/800s


Panasonic lx7 gallery
Panasonic LX7 – ISO 80 – 36mm – f/2 – 1/125s


panasonic lx7 sample images gallery
Panasonic LX7 – ISO 400 – 25mm – f/1.4 – 1/125s (f/1.4 allows to create bokeh even though you are shooting in wide-angle)


panasonic lx7 camera
Panasonic LX7 – ISO 400 – 90mm – f/2.3 – 1/25s
-1EV exposure compensation


LX7 photos
Panasonic LX7 – ISO 400 – 65mm – f/2 – 1/160s


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