Nikon D600 tear down shows Sony sensor and tricky LCD to repare

Nikon D600
The Nikon D600 : a prosumer Full Frame DSLR took care of the Nikon D600 recently and teared the DSLR into pieces. The destruction operation is interesting because it can tell us a few things about the camera. First of all, we can see how tricky the tear down can be : you have to unweld several cables in order to be able to access the components inside. But nowadays, almost all cameras have the same lay out, more or less. We also can notice that the LCD screen is integrated on the rear pannel of the camera body. This means that you won’t be able to replace the screen alone and that if the LCD has a defect, you will have to change the entire rear pannel.

The ifixit tear down is pretty well complemented but the chipworks study which focuses on the D600’s 24-megapixel sensor. It shows that the camera sensor actually is a IMX128 made by Sony as we thought. It has a pixel pitch of 5,9µm.

The Nikon D600 tear down by


The Nikon D600 rear screen is embedded on the rear pannel of the camera. Photo by


The rear pannel that you will have to change entirely if the screen goes wrong. Photo by

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