Amazon Cloud Photos


Amazon launched an Android app for Kindle Fire tablets as well as all other Android based smartphones and tablets. Amazon Cloud Photos is a cloud based app for uploading, saving, synchronizing and sharing your photos with all your connected devices and computers. You can save entire albums and display them in several ways, some are pretty neat, and share images or albums by email, via Facebook and with other applications like Instagram, snapseed, etc… This app comes with the complimentary 5GB of Amazon Cloud Drive storage space which can be later enhanced till 20GB for $10 and other capacities till 1TB that would allow you to save your entire Lightroom or Aperture photo library along with all your RAW files for a totally sage backup if you want. The free 5GB storage space is enough to save and share up to 2,000 images.

Here is the link to Amazon Cloud Photos on Google Play. The app is free.

Android app Amazon Cloud Photos displays photo albums

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