500px now available for iPhone

500px iOS
500px for iPhone

If you read me regularly, you probably know that I love 500px photography sharing website and iPad application. I love it because the photographs quality is pretty high compared to Instagram and the website team actually does some editing on images so that you can view only the images that count. You can rate or like photos. This means not you can only see the very best images produced by amateur and professional photographers all around the world. I also love the iPad application which is very pretty, with a dark user interface, which improves the way photographies are displayed. Today 50px comes with an iPhone application which will allow you to do basically everything you can do on the iPad application and even online. You can follow your contacts new photography stream, comments, like photos, see the websites to the images, get activity pushed notifications, and so on.

So, if you are tired of all the vintage filters applied on most Instagram images and if you want to see really nice images, you should really pay a visit to 500px or download the iPod and iPhone app from 50px.

Of course the 500 pics iPhone application is free and you can find it on iTunes.


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