The Nikon D4 used by Usain Bolt is for sale


You probably remember Usain Bolt celebrating its victory at the London 2012 Olympics last Summer and grabbing a Nikon D4 from one of the sports photographer at the end of the running track, Jimmy Witröm, and taking photographs of his mate Yohan Blake. It was fun to watch and really he was acting like a pro photographer. Well, this now historical Nikon D4 DSLR is for sale on ebay and at the time I am writting this article, the bids are $7,055. What I learned is that after this nice performance, Usain Bolt had carved his name on the camera with a screwdriver. If you love the D4, if you love Bolt, if you can afford it, you can now get this camera !

Don’t get the photographer wrong. He does not want to make easy money on Usain Bolt’s back and his sport’s superstar image, but he sells the camera to raise funds for cancer medical research and the extra bucks will go to the Swedish Cancer Society. If you bid and win the “Usain Bolt Nikon D4” on ebay, you will also get a framed picture of Usain Bolt using YOUR camera ! (50x70cm)

Here is the link to ebay Usain Bolt Nikon D4 auction.The auction will close on Oct 09th 2012 at 02:00:59 PDT

Usain Bolt holding the D4 like a pro
Usain Bolt holding the Nikon D4 like a pro photographer would. You can now bid on ebay to buy this Nikon D4.

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