The Calling : first movie shot with the Sony Alpha SLT-A99 HDSLR


It is a kind of tradition now, every HDSLR that comes to the market sees a bunch of inspirational videos and cine-like movies to show how good a videocamera they are. And the new Sony SLT-A99 makes no exception to this unwritten rule. Today, Sony has posted a nice movie made with their Full frame DSLR. In this movie, you will see a lot of low-light sceneries, sunsets, but also landscapes with vibrant colors, and to me, this camera seems to have an interesting dynamic range (look at 2’00” some almost HDR-like footage). I am expecting its sensor to be tested very soon to confirme that but anyway, I guess that Sony and Nikon are sharing the sensor (read Nikon D600 sensor review) meaning that the Alpha 99 will also benefit from Sony’s Sensor huge dynamic range. The SLT-A99 is anxiously expected but some videographers who will appreciate its full frame sensor and the bokeh effect it will create, its Full HD in 60p and the ability to record the video on two memory cards at the same time to secure operations.

To learn more about the Sony SLT-A99 or the Cyber-shot DSC-RX1, a compact camera gifted with the SLT-A99 full frame sensor and a fast prime lens.

Here is David McLain movie entirely recorded with the Sony SLT-A99 :

The Calling from SonyElectronics on Vimeo.

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