Olympus OI.Share : share your photos on your iOS and Android smartphone or tablet from your camera


Olympus launched its own photo sharing mobile application available for both Android and iOS operating systems. It will operate with the latest cameras : Olympus Pen E-PL5, Pen E-PM2 and XZ-2. All three cameras don’t have any wi-fi built in but they support Wi-Fi memory cards like Eye-Fi and Toshiba FlashAir which are often complimentary with the two mirrorless bodies depending on which country you buy them from. In France, for instance, Olympus gives you a Toshiba FlashAir memory card with any Pen E)PL5 and E-PM2 purchased. Once you have connected your camera to your iPhone, Galaxy Phone, any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, you just have to shoot images to have them sent by your camera directly to your iDevice. You may then apply any effect you want or edit it in Snapseed, Instagram, then share them by email or on your favorite social network. But if you want, the OI.Share application also has some digital filters that you can apply to your photos before you share them, on your smartphone or tablet, like black and white grain, soft focus, pop art…

Olympus has really well thought this little OI.Share app which connexion is not limited to one single device : the camera taken images can be shared among 7 smartphones or tablets via a password secure wi-fi connexion which will definitely come-in handy to poor out photos to your peers available nearby.

Want to know more about this new Olympus OI.Share app ? Pay a visite to olympuspen.com/OIShare/

Olympus OI.Share mobile app
Olympus OI.Share mobile app screenshots. Works for iOS and Android devices


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