Mission 26 : Endeavor latest mission was a parade over LA filmed in time lapse


The time lapse of the month is undoubtedly this video of Endeavor’s parade through the city of Los Angeles to celebrate its retirement. In LA, you have a lot of fun things to do, but undoubtedly, THE ultimate attraction these past few weeks, was the venue of the Space Shuttle in Los Angeles. After 25 missions in space and 4971 revolution around planet Earth, Endeavor has earn a quiet new life in a museum. For 5 continuous days and nights, the shuttle and an enormous crew with trucks (actually, the Shuttle is so light that a simple Toyota Tundra could do the job to pull the space vehicle) and cranes cruised at snail speed around the streets and avenues of the city of angels. This event had to be recorded and what a better way to do so than a slow motion movie that shows both how slow the journey was and how fast bustling the surrounding audience was. A must see.

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