Kodak T-Max P3200 : an iconic analog film fading away


This is it ! Kodak announced it on their own global website that the T-max P3200 black and white is terminated. It had a huge number of fans since they launched it and became a way of expression itself. Koday states that they are not pursuing the production of the T-MAX P3200 film because of too low sales figures. They also say, and I can help to agree, that the demand for back and white high sensitivity film is now very narrow. If you want to use your camera under very dim light, you now turn to digital imaging wiuth SLRs like the Nikon D3S which was a game changer in that area. So why would you use the T-Max P3200 ? For creativity purpose of course. Well, if you like its grain and aspect, then you will have to turn to some film simulation softwares like DxO FilmPack 3 for instance, which offers carbon copy filters based on high-tech simulation of the genuine films, the most legendary ones. You can also get a Fujifilm camera like the X-Pro1, X-S1… as they offer a film simulation modes. You can even brecket the film simulation mode on recent Fuji digital cameras. I liked it when I tested the X-Pro1, the X10 and the X-S1 : you take one image, ad get 4 diffreent versinos of it, one with this film, an other one with an other film, a third one with a red filter B&W, and so on. You have the entire control.

Kodak recommends to use the T-Max 400 as a substitute to the T-Max P3200. Of course, both films are different, but the T-Max 400 has the advantage to offer both a smoother silver halyde crystal grain and a wider exposure range that comes in handy because you can expose the T-Max 400 at ISO 1,600 and balance this gap with extra developping time.

Anyway, as we always say when an iconic analog film is turned down by its manufacturer : if you love it for real, if you really mean to use it, then, rush to your local camera gear shop and get its stock, fill your fridge with T-Max 3200 for maximal conservation to make sure you have something to feed your analog camera with in the long run.

You like film photography ? Check out these Flickr groups : Ishootfilm and analogphotography.

But now, KODAK PROFESSIONAL T-MAX P3200 is over…

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