Sony NEX-5R PlayMemories camera apps demo video

Sony NEX-5R
The Sony NEX-5R is the forst Sony mirrorless camera with a Wi-Fi connexion.

With the Sony NEX-5R, Sony has launched a few camera apps that you can download via the Wi-Fi connexion of the camera, in order to customize it. I had not received any screen capture of the apps but today, Sony published a demo video that shows how these apps work and what you can do with them. In this video, you can see the “Time Lapse” app, then the “Picture Effect+” which adds new filters to the camera’s embedded digital art effects range, “Cinematic Photo” that looks quite fun to use adding video sequence into a photo or a frozen video, “Smart Remote Control” which allows you to use your smartphone as a smart wireless remote control. Quite useful.

Let’s see what new apps will Samsung come up with for its Galaxy Camera 3G/4G/Wi-Fi Android 4.1 camera….

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